Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson was born in Kingston upon Thames in 1959. She trained as a window dresser in 1975 and in 1979 began work as a studio photographer. She then went on to complete a course in Foundation Studies in Art at Brighton College of Technology in 1993.

In 1994, following an earlier exploration of life within a Franciscan Community Ann took time out to test her vocation in a Benedictine Monastery, yet after a few years she found herself being drawn back to a world of art and creativity. She then resumed her studies and completed three years sculpture training in 2000 at Emerson College, a Rudolf Steiner school in East Sussex.

As a self taught potter Ann's interest in ceramics and her desire to experiment with new techniques and materials, developed into a passion that continues to this day.

Currently she lives and works from her studio on a farm in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Her vessels and forms are meticulously built by hand using coil and pinch techniques or by slab building. Terra Sigillata, or a slip made of the clay body is applied layer by layer, the pot is then repeatedly burnished with a pebble or spoon.

Once dried the pots are fired to 950 degrees in a home built wood-fire kiln. In 2011 Ann enlisted the help of kiln builder/designer Paul Stubbs to make the kiln, which enables her to explore firing to stoneware temperatures. This was a pivotal moment resulting in total independance alongside the excitement of working with 'live fire'.

The pots are then smoke fired in a metal dustbin using combustable natural materials such as wood, wood shavings, leaves, onion skins and grasses. Copper wire, metal oxides and salt are sometimes added to produce the unique unpredictable patterns that enhance the surface. The pot is then finished with a coat of beeswax polish.

Of her work Ann says:

"My work is inspired by and emerges from my connection to the natural world and its wealth of materials. Above all I appreciate simplicity, form and process. I love silence and solitude, this too is essential to my work and my being."


Flat Oval with Neck