Geoffrey Robinson

Geoffrey Robinson is a contemporary English painter whose work, over the years, has steadfastly maintained its abstract values always to be at the forefront of whatever he does; always demonstrating a love of experiment and investigation which can be seen in the way it can sway between pure abstraction at one end of the scale, to a naive style of still life painting at the other. If there is a persisting subject it would appear to be his own personal perception of mainly British 20th Century modern art

Born in 1945 he moved from East Africa to New Zealand in 1948. In 1955 at the age of 10 he returned to England with his parents and in 1961 enrolled to study Fine Art at Bournemouth College of Art.

Over the years Geoffrey Robinson has exhibited widely: regularly in London, Belfast and New Zealand and in many Fine Art galleries across the south of England. Never a teacher, never a joiner of societies, always a loner. The art critic and historian Peter Davies wrote of him in 2005: he introduces imagination and a colourful verve into a well-trodden area of modern painting.
In 2001 he was selected as an ‘Invited Artist’ at the Discerning Eye exhibition at The Mall Galleries in London.
In 2004 he was the subject of a 30-minute ITV television documentary.

2012 Mullan Gallery, Belfast
2012 Jenna Burlingham Fine Art, Kingsclere
2011 Grapevine Gallery, Norwich
2011 Wren Gallery, Burford
2009 Mullan Gallery, Belfast
2009 Grapevine Gallery, Burnham Market
2008 Gallery De Novo, New Zealand
2008 Mullan Gallery, Belfast

2008 Thompson's Gallery, London
2007 Grapevine Gallery, Norwich
2006 Mullan Gallery, Belfast
2006 Hampshire Arts, 3 months touring
2005 Grapevine Gallery, Norwich
2004 Bettles Gallery, Ringwood
2004 Study Gallery, Poole
2003 Mullan Gallery, Belfast
2002 King Alfred's College, Winchester
1998 Bettles Gallery, Ringwood
1995 Bettles Gallery, Ringwood

2010 Stour Gallery, Shipston on Stour
2007 Stour Gallery, (+John Emanuel)
2004 Lena Boyle Fine Art, Chelsea
2003 Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge
2001 Cadogan Contemporary, Chelsea
1999 Cadogan Contemporary, Chelsea
1997 Cadogan Contemporary, Chelsea