Frances Hatch

Frances Hatch was born in the Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire and currently lives in Poole, Dorset.
The Fenland of East Anglia with its black earth, big skies and keen east wind is the landscape of her formative years.
Direct work in the landscape is central to her practice- the quality of the marks and methods employed are particular to each unique circumstance. Frances will pick up just about anything which will make the mark she requires from the ground around her. Materials used tend to be water-based (watercolour, acrylic, animal protein and earth pigments) so they are influenced by precipitation and temperature. Currently she is working on The Isle of Purbeck along The Jurassic Coast as well as in the North West Highlands of Scotland.  
‘I prefer to work with the sky arched over my head- somewhere where I can be in place and stand as witness -when things go well I become a participant in the present moment. Teetering on the edge, between what is and what is becoming, is my position.  A breathless quality may be apparent in marks made in this way- at least I hope it is. My aspiration is to be fully attentive in the energetic exchange between what is outside and what connects with my interior reality.  My best paintings feel like collaborations between me, the weather and the emerging work. Increasingly I'm incorporating the stuff of the landscape in the works and echoing the natural processes of deposition and erosion in the making of them.   Natural earths attract me with their range of pigment and texture - their geological nomenclature and age.  Their presence within the fabric of my work connects them with place- its past and present.’  
Frances Hatch trained at Aberystwyth University College of Wales (BA Hons in Visual Art and French). She spent a post-graduate year at Goldsmiths’ College (ATC) and as a mature student returned to study printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art (MA).
She has always been a painter with a deep affinity with the processes involved in printmaking. Although not making prints at the moment the journeys she embarks on within an individual piece has something of the layering that goes on over time in the print workshop.   A keen enthusiast for the creative life: she maintains an interest in supporting others through the experience of her own practice and her training at Goldsmiths’ as an art educator.
Frances Hatch is a Senior Tutor at West Dean College, West Sussex.  

Selected recent exhibition venues:
DRAWN TO ANTARCTICA: Babylon Gallery, Ely (2011). Brantwood, Cumbria (2012). Gilbert White's House & Garden and The Oates Collection (2012) 
MATTER ARISING: The David West Gallery, Town Mill, Lyme Regis. 2011 159th
AFFORDABLE ART FAIR, Hampstead and Battersea. 2011 + 2012 MILLFIELD OPEN, Atkinson gallery, Street. 2012  

Bath and West Show 2005 (1st Prize), 2007 (2nd prize), 2008 (past winners show)
Pallant House, Chichester ‘In House’ 2008 1st Prize
Lyme Open 2008 (2nd Prize)
Exploratory Laboratory (ExLAB) Research Bursary 2012