Michael Gough

Michael Gough a landscape painter, drew inspiration from the New Forest, the coastline of Dorset and the woodlands and high moorlands of the Peak District.

He gained a B.A. Honours Degree in Fine Art from Reading University and successfully combined a career as a painter and a teacher. He taught at Brockenhurst and for most of his life, at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

He exhibited widely in the south of England for many years, in both one-man, and group shows, and in recent years with the 7 artists.

Artist's Statement
"For as long as I can remember the light and colour of the land have inspired me. I grew up in Shropshire and spent some of my happiest times walking and cycling round that beautiful countryside and letting the land speak to me. This first inspiration had remained with me for most of my life. I sometimes wonder whether that beauty exists by itself or whether it is man who brings it into being. I believe my role as an artist is to celebrate that beauty."

In recent years Michael Gough's work tended increasingly towards abstraction, whilst preserving within the heart of the landscape.

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