Catherine Barnes

Artist's Statement

"The surface of my paintings develops by addition, sometimes over years, but not for its own sake. For me, the act of placing oil paint on canvas is, amongst other things, a sign of a thought contributing to a whole. The consequential density of paint adds layers of meaning and thus invites engagement.

The ambiguity of the painterly image, because of this layering, results in possibilities of interpretation. This way, the painting has meaning embodied in it, rather than referring to something else, a particular landscape or seascape. The resulting canvas is therefore, a thing added to the world, it does not necessarily have to reflect it.

However, sea and landscape ground us. A perpetual balancing act of viewing infinite space and the obvious plasticity of paint on a flat canvas surface makes the brain dance between two zones. I aim for that duality. If the emotional meaning of the painting is embodied in its execution of form, and I can make these inseparable, I consider it a success."



In the Shadows of Rocks                                             25 x 30 cms.


To the Wide Seas                                                        81 x 97 cms.


Vacant Shore                                                             46 x 51 cms.


Docklands                                                                  25 x 30 cms.