Frances Hatch


White-stacked, Golden-capped:

new work made on location along the Jurassic Coast in Studland and Charmouth

Artist's Statement


Passages by Chain Ferry across the mouth of Poole Harbour have been a regular feature for me over the last decade. Once on the ‘other side’, weather and wildness make evident their shifting energy and mood. Frequent visits allow a connection with season, weather and tidal change on land and seabed. Over several winters I’ve rented a disused coastguard lookout in Middle Beach, Studland from The National Trust. Chalk’s glare and sandstone’s glow and the sea’s turquoise populate the work.

Charmouth’s shore line is more obviously mobile- particularly after prolonged rain when Blue Lias, Greensand and Gault slump to the shore where they get licked clean.

On both these shores I witness the continuing exchange of matter as transient ‘now time’ meets the hum of  ‘deep time’ stacked in the cliffs.

Tools and pigments are gathered to form my palette of marks and mixtures; from these I reshape the materiality of the place in that very place. The closer the connection, the better it feels. In my method I’m echoing deposition and erosion. I’m aware of the tension between transience and what will outlast time’s passing.

Matter migrates from form to form.

In 2012 I was awarded a bursary by DVA/ ExLab for ‘action research’. This afforded time to research materials, binding and consolidation mediums. It prompted me to make contact with professionals formed in disciplines other than my own and so comprehend a bit more of the infinite complexity contained within two stretches of the Jurassic Coast.

Frances Hatch July 2013



Handfast Series: Storm Light                                       51 x 26 cms.



Handfast Series: After Noon Lemon              SOLD               51 x 26 cms.



Golden Cap Under Purple Arc                       SOLD               78 x 97 cms.



Surf Path                                                     SOLD              19 x 28 cms.



Golden Cap Estate Series: Greensand Sun 1                 20 x 15 cms.



Golden Cap Estate Series: Greensand Sun 4       SOLD          20 x 15 cms.