Kate Walters

A selection of paintings shown with Gerry Dudgeon in the

'Songs of the Far Journey' exhibition

by The ARThouse Gallery

at the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

May/June 2013




 Knowing Man and Staying Woman



Kate Walters’ Statement:

I work with watercolour, ink and gum Arabic on gesso-prepared paper, linen or panel to explore what is hidden beneath the surface of phenomena and our human skin.

A ‘drawing into life’ - a becoming as an animal or plant and  (I hope) fully realized, connected, human being,  is my intention when I work in my studio.

I am interested in bringing together the perspectives and practices of first Nations’ Peoples with the Western paradigm of which I am an inheritor. I am a gardener, an explorer of wild places, and I am visited by vivid and instructive dreams.

The rhizome or root of ancient memory which we share – according to Jung – is what I seek to tap: the deep unconscious: plant-mind and animal-body-mind.  The relationships between the beings which inhabit/slip in and out of/ the edges of our awareness also inform my practice.

I have grown most of the plants in my small Cornish garden and I see the daily tasks of sowing seed, nurturing seedlings, hand-pollinating and watering plants as similar to the time in my studio where I seek to tend and coax images to reveal themselves. I also see a correspondence between the darkness of the soil, the interior of our bodies, deep space, and the dark fecund surface I choose to work with.

I am passionate about finding a vitality (through greatly focused attention) equivalent to the self-display of all natural forms, trembling with an inner human intensity.





 Child with Bird



Figure with Horse