Malcolm Ashman

“I enjoy being in the landscape but it’s the recollection of that experience which makes me a painter. Brief line drawings from observation are a starting point but the paintings are formed in the studio from memory and imagination.”
Malcolm Ashman


“Ashman does not place figures within these paintings but as in all Romantic visions it is the Landscape in relationship to the person that is pivotal to the work.”
from ‘Time, Colour, Feeling, Space and Intimacy - The Romantic 21st Century Landscapes of Malcolm Ashman’ by  Ewan Robertson, artist and writer.


“Essentially a landscape painter in the romantic tradition, Ashman’s work is strongly influenced by the rolling countryside of his native West Country. Colour, shape and imagination all come into play here, which gives his work a unique quality. ”
Brian Sinfield.


White Box                                                                 58 x 63 cms.


Mall                                                                           40 x 80 cms.


River                                                                         52 x 74 cms.


Stadium                                                                     50 x 60 cms.