Mary-Jane Evans

Artist's Statement

This body of work has been inspired by images of war zones that we see every day on our television news bulletins. I wanted to create work that captured the horror of these conflict- ravaged cities. I hope that I have created sculptures that resonate with the same sense of destruction as war itself.

Inspired by places like Beirut I started creating individual buildings, that eventually developed into large-scale cities. Each piece is built intuitively from images in my head that allows the structures to evolve and develop on their own throughout the process. Made from porcelain and multi-fired to 1300 degrees I add materials such as copper and oxides to create the burnt effect I am looking for. I use the kiln as a time machine to scar and erode the pieces. The firing process itself is part of the destruction as the materials are being pushed to their limits.

 “Evans’ violently affected ceramics compel observers to look beyond the physical appearance of her pieces in order to contemplate the inevitable destruction of war.”

Genevieve Aniello in Culture Section of Cool Hunting 2012